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Voice Overs - Casting and Dubbing

We have a broad expeience of dubbing many different forms of media - corporate videos, cartoons, videogames, TV commercials, jingles for radio, voice (PABX) messages, documentaries, audio for websites, Elearning, and movies.


We use a professional team of experts with extensive experience in casting, directing, dubbing, audio and video production.  Their abilities guarantees your satisafaction in the final product.


In the recording studio we have all the tools necessary to add subtitles accurately and correctly to your product.

Adaptation and Translation (English to Spanish and vice versa)

Our number one priority is to get your product into the Spanish language with the essence of that with which it was created, without losing the original style.  A translation is the first step to present your product in our language.  To get the message across that matches the original programme time, adaptation is an essential task that we perform meticulously.

Voiceover Directors

For us the artistic direction is vital to take full advantage of the talent of the voice actor. We have great career managers with experience providing a creative side, enriching your project with personality.

Creation of Jingles

We can compose original music for your product and thus provide it a unique and exclusive feel.  This also reduces the copyright cost considerably.

We are equally prepared to carry out small projects, urgent and larger projects.