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Voice:  deep and powerful voice, sultry in his performances.  He is very versatile in his performances. He can take you in to an action sequence of a video game or make you feel you are in a theatre listening to a tenor.

Reads: seven years working in the dubbing industry.  Voiceover briefs from corporate training videos to TV promos and radio adverts. His deep voice is perfect for a documentary o corporate video. As an actor, his powerful voice fills the action characters perfectly well. 

Credits: Televisión Autonómica Siete Región de Murcia, Fundación Integra, Intersa, Locuciones audiovisuales Expo Zaragoza, marketing campaign called “Campeonato Nacional de Siesta” presented in Cannes de 2010.

Voice actor Certificate in EECAV School awarded by renowned voice actor and teacher Julio Morales. Voice actor Certificate from the Academy of Voice-over in Alicante, awarded by Chema Lara and Alfonso Laguna.

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