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Spanish Voice-Over - Jesús

Voice: Husky, deep and warm. Jesus has got a voice with an unmistakable personality. Overwhelming and, when the script requires, authoritative and clear. Versatile in itself.

Reads: He has got thirty years of experience in the voice over world. He dubs documentaries, ads and programs for the television and the radio, besides of been a great voice over actor. Multi-faceted.

Credits: Worked for TVE as a voice over. Between its client portfolios we can find international companies such as Isover, Cristalería Española, among others. He was the official voice over of the Film Festival of Madrid IMAGFIC. He dubs political ads for Generalitat Valenciana, and He has been the voice over of the Film Festival of Alicante.

He has been performed as an actor in seven Spanish films and numerous short movies.

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